ASLA Adapt is a platform for students of landscape architecture broadly to advocate collaboratively for systemic change within our profession. We convene in order to amplify conversation. The product of collaborative work by landscape architecture students and emerging professionals from universities across the United States, ASLA Adapt began as a letter and accompanying demands that were written between May and August 2019, initially provoked by Billy Fleming’s piece on the Green New Deal in Places Journal.

We consider anyone involved (drafting, signing, distributing) to be a part of ASLA Adapt. Membership is simply ongoing participation- please be as involved as you are able and would like to be. We don’t have a hierarchical leadership structure. We push the profession to adapt, in particular to take on the most crucial and relevant issues of our times in ways that are genuine and meaningful and that don’t buy in to existing norms and pressures. We express ideas and ideals shared by the next generation of practitioners. Should you wish to contact the organizers or become more involved, please write to aslaadapt@gmail.com.